beyond carbon neutral

Because small business can lead the way in carbon neutrality

Become Carbon Neutral

If you would like to join us and be a part of Beyond Carbon Neutral, the steps are very easy!  Follow the steps below, and when complete, we will add you to our directory of companies that have decided to take the plunge.

  1. Calculate your company carbon footprint.  There are some carbon calculators listed on our resources page.  You can choose to use one of them, or any other calculator you feel is appropriate on the internet.  Once you have calculated your footprint, either screenshot or if available download a PDF of the final calculations.
  2. Offset your carbon footprint using one of the many available carbon Offset projects.  There are some listed on our resources page and many more available on the internet.  Once you have offset your carbon, screenshot or if available download a pdf of the amount offset.
  3. Email us the Calculation screenshot/pdf and the offset screenshot/pdf
  4. Once we have seen that you have offset the amount in your calculation, we'll add you to our directory plus we'll send you the code to add a badge like the one below to your website.  


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